The Craftman and his Creation

Photo taken last 80th Araw ng Dabaw while I was covering the event. This man can do a house in a bottle in an instant. 


Enjoying Boracay in a 5000.00 PHP Budget

Enjoying Boracay in a 5000.00 PHP Budget


BORACAY – An island located at the heart of the country so-called “Pearl of the East”, Philippines.

At first, I don’t know what does the island has that it makes it so special among the most beautiful islands of the Philippines. It would be biased if I thoroughly praise it since I am a Filipino. So I leave it all to you to discover this wonderful island.

Anyway, let me enumerate few reasons why you should visit BORACAY:

a. Very Fine Sand Once you stepped your barefoot on the sand, you can say that it could be the finest of its kind. Its pure powder like texture will definitely bring you to once in a lifetime paradise experience. It turns into refined crystals as the high sun strikes its rays towards the ground.

b. Very Long ShorelineThe island has three (3) wonderful stations situated near its long-long-long shoreline; namely stations 1, 2, and 3. Each has something to offer depending on your needs. STATION 3 is a place for people like me who looks for the cheapest place to stay in. STATION 2 is a place for people who prefers accessibility for all. WHY? because all types of establishments are found here – from middle to high-class hotels, fast foods, restaurants, souvenir shops, party bars or clubs, beer houses, etc. STATION 1 is a place for most expensive amenities. Most of the high profiled personalities and celebrities stay in this part of the island for its quiet and soothing atmosphere.

c. Water ActivitiesName any water activity, and for sure, they have it here for you – from relaxed to extreme activities. PARAW BOAT SAILING is where you can enjoy watching the most magnificent view of the sunset while laying down. UNDERWATER HELMET DIVING, is such a nice underwater fish encounter activity. PARA-SAILING (Parachute Sailing) is an activity where you will experience a quite extreme activity as it lifts you high and lets you enjoy a wide view of the island. ISLAND HOPPING is for people who are in groups or who prefers to join in groups. It a six (6) hours activity touring you around the beautiful islands surrounding Boracay. In addition to that is a buffet lunch package and snorkeling. And there’s a lot more. I just can’t tell you all of it because I haven’t experienced it all. But I can assure you that you will never get boring during your stay.

d. Most Beautiful SunsetYou can prefer to view the beautiful sunset from a boat’s deck, or you may enjoy staring at it for free from the seashore. Either way, you will be fascinated by its magical scenery as it touches the sea.

e. Mouthwatering Sea FoodsOne famous place to go to when it comes to fresh and mouthwatering sea foods is D’TALIPAPA wet market. Again, name any local seafood you want to eat, they have it here. In D’Talipapa market, all you have to do is to buy freshly catch sea creatures (like lobsters) and you can have it cooked right away to any resto situated near the market. They offer cooking services at a very cheap price, and the taste is so delicious.

f. Dusk till dawn Party LifeYou want to go wild on the dance floor? or you want to get drunk all night long? You have plenty of choices to go into – party clubs, beer houses, acoustic – reggae – rock music bars, etc. Nightlife starts at 10 pm and lasts until 4 am due to strict regulations. But then, you will never feel hanged-up because the night will never be an ordinary night you have experienced.

g. Kindest Local PeopleWell, basically, most Filipinos are kind. Why? because I even experienced it during my stay. Whether Foreign Tourist or not, the locals would still show you a wonderful hospitality. It’s one trait that both the island and the locals have to offer, and make you feel great during your whole vacation.

For those who have been there already, some of you might agree and some may not. Nevertheless, this island has a lot to offer.

So the question is, how to enjoy Boracay in a 5,000.00 PHP budget excluding air fare?

1st Day:

200.00 PHP – Davao International Airport fee

250.00 PHP – Taxi fare (metered taxi) from Iloilo airport to Ceres Bus Te

50.00 PHP – Airport terminal fee

350.00 PHP – Bus fare from Ceres Bus Terminal to Caticlan to Jetty Port                                                                 (5 to 6 travel hours)

(Upon arriving at the Jetty Port, you have to pay the environmental, terminal and boat fee)

100.00 PHP – Environmental Fee

75.00 PHP – terminal fee

25 PHP – boat fee

(There are several means of transportation from Cagban Port: van, motorcycle, electric car, or jeepney)

20.00 PHP – motorcycle fare from Cagban Port to Station 2 (per head)

1,200 PHP – Air-conditioned room with hot and cold shower, good for three people, excluding meal (Moreno’s Lodging in Station 3)

We decided to have a dinner at D’ Talipapa where we can choose fresh seafood and have them cook at the restaurants besides the famous wet market.

425.00 php – First Dinner at D Talipapa
– 1/2 kg Tahong
– 1/2 kg Hipon
– 300 Cooking service
– 25 per cup of rice
– 50 coke in can

First Day in Boracay

150.00 PHP – Mcdo Meal
600 PHP – Island Hopping including buffet lunch                                                                                                     (Puka Beach, cliff diving, angels cove, coral snorkeling)
120 PHP – dinner at Andoks
600 PHP – flying fish

Second day

100 PHP – breakfast meal in Andoks
20 PHP – motorcycle from Station 3 to Cagban Port
100 PHP – terminal fee
375 PHP – Van Fare from Caticlan Jerry Port to Iloilo
25 PHP – boat fare

In Iloilo

300 PHP – overnight stay in Iloilo at Ong Bun Pension House                                                                               (

So I spent a total of 5,085 PHP which is quite cool for my 2nd visit in Bora:)


Contact Information:

If you need  a very affordable room to stay in Boracay, you can contact Ate Rose or Georgina. Also, they are the best person to contact when it comes to activities in Bora.

Ate Rose: 09065177594

Georgina: 09090314528

Contributor: Jay and RK Dee

Team Building #Wave42

It’s been awhile since hindi na ako nakakapagsulat but here I am again trying to destruct your day, unta mapasaylo pako ninyo 🙂. 
Last Friday night after work deritso na kami sa Rainbow beach resort for our team building, and everybody were so excited lalo na endorsed kaming lahat. It’s not my first time having a team off but I was thrilled kung anong mangyayari, was it gonna be the usual team off or something different. Actually ayaw ko sanang sumama kasi I’m too old for this and nakakapagud din kung walang tulugan, but If I don’t I will be missing a biggest fun lalo na ang ingay ng team namin. At exactly 9:00 PM nakalatag na kami ng meal for dinner, I know it’s so late dinner na but considering the fact na we need to travel pa for at least 1 hour from SM Ecoland to Samal.
After having our dinner, Nathan which was our trainer for the past three weeks decided to play a game while waiting sa main event. It’s a truth and consequence game mixed with a song “May Tatlong Bebe” which was really fun. At 1:00 AM in the morning, the main event started and grabe ang mga games nakakapagud para akong nag leg day and I was surprised hindi naman kasi siya the usual team off that I had before. I don’t want to go on details about the games we had but it was really fun and I enjoy it very much except yong medyo nakaksuka na candy gum na nakababad sa jelly eeew!. it’s a test of team work, ability, integrity and strength naman din and before I go sa nakakaiyak na part ng event gusto ko munang i-appreciate yong mga taong nag facilitate ng food namin, ang sarap naman kasi “it’s all worth it”. 
At 5:00 AM in the morning, habang sumisikat na si haring araw nag-start na kami sa last event na tatawagin ko siyang nakaka-iyak moment. It’s an open forum but in a different way, yong parang kare-kare na instead of bagoong hipon ang pangpaalat eh spicy souce ng siomai ang pinalit. Actually ayaw kong nakakakita ng taong umiiyak, di ko naman kasi mapigilan ang luha ko na tumulo din pero ganun talaga may iyakan at the end of the event lalo na pag open forum. May mga bagay talaga na mahirap i-let go but life is a continuous process and we need to go with the flow, nakaka-sad ang reality 😞 
The team building that we had ay hindi basta-basta kaya kudos to all the people who facilitate the event, I enjoy it very much at pati mga colleagues ko they had really fun kahit magdamagang nakadilat ang mga mata. Surely it has a special place in my toolbox memory. 
I love you all but God loves you the most! by Mae Ann

Enigma of the First Timer

The opportunity of having her as my subject is really great. It’s her debut this July and her sister made an arrangement to me asking if I could do a photoshoot for a debut, of course, I said Yes! I know it would be  a heavy scenario since the debutante  doesn’t have any experience in photoshoot, and aside from that she is “boyish”(as what her older sister describes her).

On the scheduled day she was late, and I don’t know what’s the reason behind that. Even if I’m a bit pissed off, still, I’ve waited for her.She came with her friends; and since it’s late so we started in a rush. We don’t have much time as it is almost 4:30 PM so I explained her everything. I asked her to go awith the flow and interchange ideas so that  everything will run smoothly. I brought my bluetooth speaker fueled with a list of house music mp3 files thinking it might be helpful for the subject. As we started the photoshoot, I asked her to listen and feel the song to let go of her hesitance to strike a pose in front of the camera. Through the help of my light-man I am able to capture unexpected beautiful photographs for her pre-debut pictorial.

I did some processing for this but it’s very light retouched.

Equipment: Pink filter for the flash/ 50mm Canon lens/ F-stop: 1.8/  ISO: 400/ Exposure time: 1/1000 sec
ISO: 400/ F.stop: 6.3/ 50 mm Canon lens/ Exposure time: 1/250 and artificial flare done by Adobe Photoshop, Red Giant extension
F.stop: 1.8/ ISO: 400/ 50 mm Canon lens/ Exposure time: 1/2000, processed in Adobe Photoshop for black and white.



BPI Durian Man Triathlon: the power of Canon 350d

BPI Durian Man Triathlon: the power of Canon 350d

Last Sunday (May 29, 2016) I was invited to be part of the team who will cover the BPI Durian man Triathlon. I was hesitant to accept the offer kasi wala naman akong background sa sports photography but the person behind the call assured me that I am qualified and he will guide me through and through so I accepted it. Nag-research muna ako online about sports photography para kahit papano may kunting baong dala before ako sasabak.

So what is durian man? Durian man is triathlon done annually  during summer and according sa  history it’s the first ever triathlon here in the Philippines that incorporate cross channel.  Three years after,  the association  debar  cross channel due to strong current of seawater in Davao gulf but last Sunday  is nostalgic in the sense that they  bring back  cross-channel swim which was first held here in Davao City in 1986. Feeling blessed din ako because it’s a history making and I am part of it.

Below are some of my captured images during the event using my Canon 350d.

PANNING –  refers to the rotation in a horizontal plane of a still camera or video camera. Panning a camera results in a motion similar to that of someone shaking their head from side to side or of an aircraft moving into a different angle. Or to that of an opening door if the door stays facing one way. (wikipedia)



Canon 350d  

17mm Tamron lens  

ISO-200 Aperture f/2.8                                                                

Exposure time: 1/60

I’ve read a lot of panning tutorial online but they are using exposure time of 1/30 or lower. In my case na-try ko din siya but it didn’t work for me it’s too blurry. If you want to try panning just follow my settings or maybe a lower exposure will work for you.




Canon 350D                                                              

70-300mm Tamron lens                                

ISO- 800                                                          

Exposure time: 1/4000          

Aperture: 4.5

Enjoy experimenting 🙂




Unboxing Toshiba Wifi SD Card for DSLR

Unboxing Toshiba Wifi SD Card for DSLR

I’ve been wanting this item since I bought my Canon 60d last year. Nakita ko kasi sa settings ang Eye-fi and it means 60d can transfer photos to android or ios mobile through wifi. Unlike Canon 70d na may built-in wifi, sa 60d naman it needs an Eye-fi sd card to make it work. Unfortunately ang hirap makakita ng Eye-fi sd card sa Philippine market. I’ve tried the Lazada online shopping site but none was  available until  last December but it was not an Eye-fi card na recommended ng Canon. May iba’t ibang brand na available depende sa memory capacity at brand maker ang price and it works almost the same way sa Eye-fi card. Di muna ako nag-order mahal pa kasi siya mga nasa 1,500 php ang pinakamura. Last week pag-check ko ulit bumaba na siya sa 945 php kaya order agad ako sayang naman baka bumalik sa dating price. Pero bago ko siya binili binasa ko muna yong mga reviews baka kasi may negative na comment, fortunately wala naman.

Pagdating ng order sinubukan ko na siya agad. I followed the instructions na kasali sa package and available din ang apps sa ios or android which is called flashair. I am using both mobile platform and It really works  madali lang din ang pag-transfer  ng files. It is suitable for all occasion especially when you love to  travel as you can  share your  captured pictures on time sa facebook or instagram.

The difference between Toshiba wifi sd card and Eye-fi is yong switch off features at control lang naman. Sa Eye-fi kasi wifi can be turn  off using your 60d and can be controlled with your smartphone while yong toshiba hindi but that doesn’t matter.

If you want to have this item you can check this product at

Star light, Star bright: The Wonders of Apo

Star light, Star bright: The Wonders of Apo

Since the healing procedure of Mt Apo is ongoing after the catastrophic phenomenon last April I guess it’s the right time to upload my favorite picture na nakuha ko doon. Hindi ko siya in-upload nong time na umuwi ako dito sa Davao because I think it would be a big insult to our mother nature na i-post ko while nasusunog siya kaya patawarin niyo na ako.  It’s experimental dahil first time ko kumuha ng starlight. I’ve been studying last year pa kung paano kunin but it would be impossible sa current location ko dahil masyadong maliwanag ang city light. When I got the chance to climb the highest mountain here in the Philippines (2,954 meter above see level) last month I know it’s a great chance na maperfrom ko ang pinag-aralan ko, gladly it paved the way.

Hindi naging madali dahil sobrang lamig sa lake Venado kung saan ko siya kinuha at 3:oo am in the morning and it took me 20 tries para makuha ang gusto ko. If you want to try this also maybe the following procedure below might help you.

  • Use a tripod for steady hold since involve dito ang long exposure para hindi siya blurry.
  • It must be new moon kasi pag full moon you will end up nothing.
  • Use a fast wide angle lens. Ang ginamit ko is 17-50 mm ng tamron pero nakaset sa 17mm.
  • Live view dapat dahil mahirap makakuha ng composition pag hindi nakalive -view considering the fact na madilim.
  • Start with the Highest ISO level 3200 pero depende pa rin sa camera na ginagamit. You can go lower if the highest ISO level doesn’t satisfy you.
  •  Set a long shutter speed- ito yong medyo mahirap sa procedure kasi pag hindi mo nakuha ang tamang settings you will end up a foggy output. Use the “500 rule” 500 divide sa focal length na gagamiting lens. Pag full frame ang gagamiting camera for example 17mm ang ginamit ko so  sa 29 shutter speed siya naka-set (500/17= 29.41). Pag hindi full frame like my camera na Canon 60d (typically 1.5 for Nikon and Sony, 1.6 for Canon) naka set ang shutter speed sa 11 (17×1.6=11.2)
  • Composition and processing- Of course big factor pa din sa photo ang compostion and also hindi naman talaga siya perfect kung walang processing, just use a light retouch para hindi siyang magmukhang impossible.

Enjoy experimenting 🙂